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About Me

Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Brown

I have been training all over the world with different masters to gain knowledge for Yoga & Meditation classes, as well as Thai Yoga stretching & Energy healing. 

My search for knowledge has brought me to Rishikesh India, Bali, Thailand, Peru, The Caribbean, also Miami and Hawaii in the US. 

Training & Certification

Budokon University   |   Budokon Yoga TTC   |   Cameron Shane

United Yoga   |   Vinyasa Krama TTC   |  Rae Indigo & Ruslan Kleytman 

Rishikesh Yog Peeth   |   Hatha Yoga 200hr TTC   |   Roshan Singh

Shiva Yoga Peeth  |  Hatha & Ashtanga 300hr TTC  |  Swammi Sudhir

Universal Yoga  |  Universal Yoga 200hr TTC  |  Andre Lappa

Jack Chaiya Massage  |  Advanced Thai Massage  |  Jack Chaiya

Usui Shiki Ryoho  |  Reiki One Attunement  |  Dinita Nicole

The Sunshine Network  |  Traditional Thai Yoga Massage  |  Andrea Baglioni

Sunshine Massage School  |  Traditional Thai Yoga Massage  | Jeep

Sunshine house  |  Traditional Thai Yoga Massage & Yin Yoga  |  Betty 

yoga classes

            I teach mostly strong flowing classes that infuse all the styles I have learned. Sometimes the classes have long holds, and sometimes they just flow from one pose to another. I also offer workshops in partner yoga or just stretching or strengthening or arm balances, and inversions. I Like to read the energy of the group before I decide how the class will go.  Making each class unique.  

    My focus is on teaching the correct alignment and to notice how your body, and mind feel when they are in connection with your breath. As well as what comes up for you when you are holding a pose for a longer period of time. 

    What happens to your mood? What happens in your body? What thoughts come to you? 

And then WHY? 

    Can you notice the thoughts, can you be in the now?

    In my private practice I like to teach serious students how to be in the postures. How to move with the breath. What each posture’s benefits are. How to sequence them together to get the best results for your body. Basically to teach you how to be your own teacher.


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